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Along the routes of Pskem mountain range.
Tours № 16. "Through canyons of Koksu river".

Type of travel:trekking
Region:Western Tien Shan, Tashkent region
The best time:September - on October, 15.
Terms:on September, 5-16, on September, 17-28, on October, 1-12.
The extension of mountain trekking:100 km
Itinerary:city Tashkent - settlement Pskem - lake Ihnach - pass Koksubashi 1 - river Koksu - Korsu canyons -tract Ayrik - settlement Brichmulla - the city of Tashkent.
Travel passes on wild, remote gorge of river Koksu in the central part Western Tien Shan in 125-170 km from capital of Uzbekistan - cities of Tashkent. Wildness of gorge, the effective rocks steeply breaking from 1,5 kilometer heights on a bottom of a grandiose canyon, cause undisguised feeling of admiration in travellers. In some places of a track is not present. These sites are overcome on a river bed, going directly on water. Depth of the river at the end of a summer - the beginning dawn no more than 0,5 m. And tourists pass lakes meeting on a way by inflatable boats. Really a fairyland of rocks!
The programme of the tour:
Day 1 - Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport. Accommodation in hotel.
Day 2 - Departure a route in mountain settlement Pskem (6 hours, 140 km). Camp on coast of river Pskem at mouth Pskemsay at height of 1200 m. Preparation for a mountain campaign.
Day 3 - Walking to gorge of river Ihnachsay. The camp is higher Ihnachsay mountain теснин on a mark 1700 m. 13 km.
Day 4 - Ascending along the gorge to lake Ihnachkul. Camp in the top part of lake at height of 2450 m. 9 km.
Day 5 - Passing over of pass Koksubashi 1 (3250 m, not classified pass). Descent to sources of river Koksu. Camp at height of 2700 m. 10 km.
Day 6 - Transition to top Sarikam to lake. The river all leaves in gorge more deeply. Camp on coast of lake at height of 2100 m. 15 km.
Day 7 - Passage by boats of the top lake. Overcoming Koksu of a canyon, numerous fords. Camp behind former second lake which has disappeared in 1994 during a powerful spring high water. Height of 1800 m. 11 km.
Day 8 - Continuation of transition through canyons Koksu. Wild places, steep walls. Depth of gorge - a canyon more than 1,5 km. Overcoming of last lake. An exit in tract Ayrik. Camp at height of 1500 m. 15 km.
Day 9 - Day of rest. Excursion in gorge of river Ayrik to lake Kichkinekul. In many places on rocky fragments fossils of sea animals and plants are visible. Fine kinds on Piezak mountain (3736 m).
Day 10 - The Further on passage gorge Koksu. The river flows in dense forest. At the left on a course bulk Koksu of a ridge hangs. The camp in two kms is lower than mouth Zambatsay. 16 km.
Day 11 - Trekking up to Charvak water basins. The end of the itinerary at settlement Brijchmylla. 11 km. Transfer to Tashkent. Hotel.
Day 12 - Trekking up to Charvak water basins. The end of the itinerary at settlement Brjchmylla. 11 km. Transfer to Tashkent. Hotel.
Numerical strength: 6 and more person.
The cost of the tours includes: Transfer from Tashkent to the starting point of the trekking and back to Tashkent, the rent of group and special equipment, meals - full board on the trekking, escort of mountain guides, donkey caravan on some parts of the route, accommodation in hotel in dbl room, interpreter, all permits for visiting the region, ecological taxes, meeting and seeing-off at the airport, visa support. Additional payment for single accommodation in hotel.
The cost does not include: air tickets and other tickets to Tashkent and back, medical insurance and medical costs, private expenses, alcohol drinks, meals in Tashkent.
The tourists are provided with: double tents, sleeping-bags, sleeping-mats, big tent (like a mess-room), necessary mountain equipment, plates and dishes, medical-kit for common use.
Private things necessary for trekking: rucksack, sport suit, spare set of garments (warm garments), trekking shoes, spare shoes, woolen little cap, rain-coat, things of private hygiene, sun-protective cream, hand cream, personal medical-kit, photo camera, torch.

This programme can be completed with 2-4 days sightseeing tour to Bukhara and Samarkand.

Долина реки Ойгаинг

Долина реки Ойгаинга
Разливы Шовурсая

Разливы Шовурсая
Райское место

Райское место
Красивые заросли

Красивые заросли
Грунтовая дорога вдоль Пскема

Грунтовая дорога вдоль Пскема
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Готовим лошадей
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Горное озеро

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