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Tour № 11. "Along mountain path of the Aksakata".

Type of travel:trekking
Region:Central Asia, Western Tien Shan
The best time:15 May - 15 July,September
Itinerary:Yangiobad town - Dukentsay river - Alatanga river - Muzbel river - Muzbel pass (3060 m., 1 A category of difficulty) - Aktakhta pass (2280 m., non categorical) - Aksakata river - Shuldack settlement.
The programme of the tour:
Day 1 - Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting of the group (airport, railway station etc.). The beginning of trekking. Transfer to the gorge of Dukentsay river (130 km., 4 hrs.). Camp (1500 m.). Preparation for trekking
Day 2 - Walking along Alatanga river gorge to its junction with Muzbel river, 10 km. Camp (2000) m.
Day 3 - Passing over Muzbel pass. The route lies near the foot of Revash Peak (3237 m.). The panorama of mountain country. The beautiful views to snowy and rocky Karakush Peak (3864 m.), Babaitag Peak (3555 m.), Aksham Peak (3789 m.), Big Chomgan Peak (3309 m.). Walking down to the gorge of Revashte river, 10 km. Camp (2000 m.)
Day 4 - Route continues along the Rivashte river. Fords. Walking to Akhta pass, 10 km. The camp is on the left bank of Rivashte river (1700 m.)
Day 5 - Passing over Akhtakata pass (2280 m., non categorical). Walking down along the Aksakata river gorge to its right tributary - Karaarcha river , 15 km.
Day 6 - Route continuation along the Aksakata river gorge to Konurdek (dwelling of Beldersay forestry), 15 km.
Day 7 - Walking to Shuldak settlement, 10 km. Return to Tashkent.
Numerical strength: 6 and more person.
The cost of the tours includes: - transfer from Tashkent to the starting point of the trek and back to Tashkent;
- all permits for visiting Ugam-Chatkal mountain national park;
- hire group camping outfit and special equipment;
- full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
- mountain guide service, translator service, cook service;
- hire of caravan;
- ecological, road and licensing fees.
At single accommodation - surcharge.

The offered tours can be realized separately and also be a good addition to city tours along the ancient cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent - Samarkand - Shakhrisyabz - Bukhara - Khiva.

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