"Asia Raft" Tourist Company one of the few Uzbek tour companies that organizes active, extreme and adventure tours in Uzbekistan.

  • Well-shaped minarets and madrasah, mausoleums and fortresses, colors and noise of Orient Bazaars, crowds of many languages, rich gifts of nature, numerous barkers and sounds of coining in workshops, remember that is not a dream - you've really found yourself in the ancient cities of Orient - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva.
  • If headlong stream of mountain rivers, rash of rocky river bank, roar of rapids, power of river wave, feeling of speed and constant thinking - "What is there behind the bend?" all that is to your liking, than rafting, one of the emotional and gripping kind of adventure tourism, is for you.
  • You'd like to see bastions of peaks covered with icy armor, endless chains of mountains crowned with caps of mountain snow, turquoise mirror-like surface of rocky-mounted lakes, to pass through deep and narrow canyons - so your choice is mountain trekking.
  • Chimgan! Beldersay! This is a real paradise for lovers of snowboarding and mountain skiers who are fond of the headlong descending down the steep slopes and winter beauty of Western Tien-Shan. There is the great variety of areas for skiing and good possibility for free ride.
  • The profusion of fruits, vegetables, the great many of melons and water-melons,golden pilaw, sweet-scented lepyoshka (national bread) - all this you may taste if come to Uzbekistan!
  • To take part in our programmes it is not necessary for you to have special training. You will be accompanied with experienced guides and instructors and you feel comfort with them even in difficult trips.
  • But we can take under consideration even the most extreme itineraries.
  • Please reserve tours in most convenient terms for you.We consider any options and make tours both for individual travelers (1-5 persons) and tourist groups.
  • We provide transport and other tourist service for sport groups who make extreme tours in mountain and desert themselves.